Hawaii Business Reporting Requirements

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Annual Reports Hawaii Corporations, LLCs, LLLPs, LLPs, LPs and GPs must file annual reports. The annual report or annual statement due at the end of the quarter that contains the month of your registration date. https://hbe.ehawaii.gov/annuals/
Annual Tax Return
A Corporation Income Tax Return, Form N-30, shall be filed by every corporation, including regulated investment companies and real estate investment trusts, domestic or foreign, other than one qualifying as an S Corporation, having gross income from property owned, trade or business carried on, or any other source in Hawaii.
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Form No. N-30
Annual Tax Return
Any corporation having a valid S Corporation election for federal income tax purposes must use Hawaii Form N-35, S Corporation Tax Return.
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Form no. N-35
GE Tax payments The GET is a privilege tax imposed on business activity in the State of Hawaii. The tax is imposed on the gross income received by the person engaging in the business activity. The GET applies to nearly every form of business activity.
If you pay more than $4,000 total in Hawaii GE Tax during the year, you are required to file monthly. If you pay less than $4,000 in GE Taxes during the year you file quarterly. If you pay less than $2,000 in GE Taxes during the year you file semi-annually.
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Periodic payments: Form No. G-45
Annual Return: Form G-49

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