Whether you have vacation property that you visit a few times of year, you have rental property that is currently vacant  or your have moved out of your home while it is for sale, these are 10 tips I have for ensuring you have peace of mind.  Most of these tips apply to a home anywhere, but since I live and work in Hawaii, I am focusing specifically on a warm humid climate.

  1. Turn off the water
    • If you have a condo in a high-rise, this may not be possible, but for stand-alone homes I recommend turning off your master water valve. This valve is usually located outside or in a utility room where the water comes into the building. There are two reasons for this. First, if you have any leaky gaskets in your faucets or toilet, you will be wasting money on loss of water. Leaky gaskets can begin at any time and are most common in toilets where lack of use causes the tank valve to leak. The second reason is to prevent water damage. If you are in a multi-story condo or home, one of the most common reasons for property damage is water leaks from the floor above you. Also, if your property has a leak and damages one below you, you will be responsible for the repairs. Exception: If you have an automatic sprinkler system for your lawn or for fire protection you will have to install a separate master valve for the house so you can continue to use the sprinklers.
  2. Turn off water heater
    • If you turn off the water, you have to turn off the water heater. If the water in the heater evaporates while the heater is on, the heater can be damaged. Also, there is no reason to pay to keep the water hot if you are not there. You would turn off the water heater at your fuse box. The national electrical code dictates that water heaters have a separate fuse. If you don't know which fuse is for your water heater, contact your electrician.
  3. Have homeowners insurance
    • Surprisingly, many property owners don't have homeowner's insurance. If you have a mortgage you will most likely be required by your bank to have insurance, but if you paid cash for your property it is not required. Property insurance is typically a very affordable way to manage the risk of your investment from water damage, fire and theft.
  4. Have security system with webcams
    • There are many security webcam systems which allow on you to see your property anytime and from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet. These systems have become much more affordable and can be used regardless if you have a security company. You can situate the webcams both inside and outside the property and also determine how you want to record them. They can be motion activated or on all the time. Being able to see your property at any time provides peace of mind. Note: Your property will need to have permanent Wi-Fi internet access to use the cameras.
  5. Use remote lighting
    • This is simple security technique to give the impression that someone is home. There are a number of different techniques for turning lights off and on including timers, and whole house systems. For this purpose and for the next couple of tips I recommend Lockstate's products. They have an easy to use application for your computer or your phone and their monthly fees are low. For the purpose of monitoring and turning on and off lights, they have a remote control outlet. It is easy to use and doesn't require any electrical work.
  6. Use remote locks
    • This technology has come a long way and is also very affordable. I use Lockstate's remote lock for my AirBnB. It allows me to remotely set keypad codes for visitors or contractors or simply unlock or lock the door from my computer or cell phone. It is so simple and dependable that it makes the idea of having a key almost obsolete.
  7. Use remote AC
    • Again, I recommend Lockstate's thermostat product for this. It allows you to control and monitor the temperature of your home remotely. I recommend this for two reasons. First, if you normally hire someone to go in and prepare your house for a visit, you can do this yourself remotely and affordably. Secondly, in Hawaii, heat often comes with humidity. Many home's need to be conditioned year round to lower the humidity to prevent damage to floors, furniture, artwork and musical instruments. Warped hardwood floors are a common problem in Hawaii. If your home needs to be kept cool and dry year round, you need a monitoring system that you can control and get alerts from if there are any issues.
  8. Install battery backup for your Wi-Fi.
    • The last 4 tips all take advantage of Wi-Fi so therefore it is critical that your Wi-Fi remain turned on. In Hawaii, power outages are common due to wind and rain. In many cases the power returns fairly quickly. One way to prevent having to call someone to reset your cable modem or turn your system back on is to install a UPS Battery Pack. A UPS battery automatically turns on when the power goes out. An affordable one can last up to 6 hours. You simply plug your cable modem and Wi-Fi router into this product and it does the rest.
  9. Install a fire sprinkler system
    • This has become a controversial topic around the country. Many states are trying to force builders and homeowners to install sprinkler systems in their homes and condos, especially in new construction. All high-rises in Honolulu county have been built with sprinkler systems since 1975, but there are many buildings that are older than that, and very few homes have sprinkler systems. If I owned a unit in a high-rise without sprinkler, I would pay to have them added. This is a life or death issue and I would never want to stay in a condo that did not have them installed for both peace of mind and for safety.
  10. Hire a Local Agent.
    • A trustworthy Local Agent, can manage manage many situations that can only be done onsite. The fees vary based upon the types of services your require but a Local Agent can provide some or all of the following services:
      1. Primary contact for security or alarm companies
      2. Monthly inspections
      3. Mail forwarding
      4. Coordination of landscaping maintenance
      5. Coordination of pest control cervices
      6. Local utility payments
      7. Reset Wi-Fi
      8. Automotive maintenance
      9. Visit preparation
      10. Concierge Services

About the Author

Dan Tousignant is the president of Cape Project Management, Inc. He has owned and managed property for over 30 years. He lives in Hawaii but maintains his general contractor license in Massachusetts so he can stay current with national building codes. He is a skilled carpenter, handyman, entrepreneur and project manager. His passion is providing the highest possible customer service for his customers. Feel free to contact Dan directly if you have any questions.



  1. 水道の元栓を閉めましょう



       2. 温水ヒーター(ボイラー)の電源を切りましょう



      3. 住宅所有者保険に加入しましょう



      4. Webcam(ウェブカメラ)付きのセキュリティシステムを設置しましょう

ウェブカメラ付きのセキュリティシステム many security webcam systemsは数多くあります。インターネットさえあれば、世界中どこからでもいつでもご自身の物件で何が起きているか確認することが可能です。昨今ウェブカメラ付きセキュリティシステムは大変手頃な価格で入手できるようになってきており、セキュリティシステム会社に登録しなくても使えるようにもなりました。ウェブカメラは屋外、屋内に設置が可能で、撮影方法についても、常時撮影か、何かしらのモーション(動き)があった時のみ撮影するか選べます。ウェブカメラを設置することで不在中の心配を軽減することができるでしょう。: ウェブカメラにアクセスするために、物件内は常時インターネットサービスが作動している必要があります。


      5. リモートライトを設置しましょう

とてもシンプルなセキュリティツールですが、有効な手段の一つです。タイマー付きのものや、敷地内の様々な場所に設置するタイプなど様々な種類と機能があります。Lockstate's の商品はお勧めです。 コンピュータや電話からアクセスできるアプリケーションがあり、月額費用もお手頃です。オンオフを遠隔から操作できる機能があり、とても使いやすいです。


      6. リモートロックを設置しましょう

私は Lockstate'sのリモートロックシステムを自身のバケーションレンタル物件 my AirBnBで使用しています。これがあることで、遠隔から、各滞在者向けの個別のキーパッドコードを設定することが可能です。また、業者が部屋に入りたいときなどは、自ら現地へ行ったり、業者にコードを伝えなくても、コンピュータか携帯電話からロックを解除できます。とてもシンプルで使いやすい商品です。


      7. リモートAC(エアコン)を設置しましょう

こちらも Lockstate's の温度計システムを推奨します。 これは、遠隔から物件内の温度をモニターできるシステムです。ハワイは年間を通して気温も高く、気温の上昇は湿度と共にやって来ます。湿度が上がると、室内の床、家具、絵画、楽器等にダメージを与えてしまう恐れがあります。湿度によって床が反り返ってしまう問題はハワイではよく見られます。このシステムがあれば、気温上昇の際に警戒アラートを受け取れ、遠隔からエアコンが操作できます。


       8. バックアップ用バッテリーをインストールしましょう

4から7でご紹介したシステムは全てインターネットを使ったシステムです。ハワイでは、雨や風での停電はよくあることです。大抵の場合、すぐに電力は復旧しますが、停電により電力が一旦途切れると、インターネット復旧のために誰かにインターネットモデムの電源を入れ直しに現場へ出向いてもらう必要があります。それを避けるために、UPS Battery Packをインストールしておきましょう。UPS batteryは停電時に自動的にオンになります。手頃な価格のものでも6時間までもちます。ケーブルモデムとWi-Fi ルーターにUPS batteryをセットしておきましょう。


      9. ファイヤースプリンクラーシステムを設定しましょう



       10. ローカルエージェントを雇いましょう

信頼に値するローカルエージェント(現地代理人like us)を雇いましょう。遠隔で操作可能な様々なシステムをご紹介しましたが、やはりどうしても現場に赴かなければ解決できない問題も多々発生します。ローカルエージェントの費用はサービスによって様々です。下記のサービスから必要なものだけ選ぶこともできますし、全てのサービスをカバーすることも可能です。

  1. 非常時の第一連絡先としてのセキュリティ会社への登録
  2. 月に一度の物件チェック(破損、水漏れ等ないか)
  3. 郵便物の転送
  4. メンテナンスサービスの手配
  5. 害虫駆除サービスの手配
  6. 現地支払い代行
  7. Wi-Fiリセット
  8. 車両管理
  9. 滞在前の準備
  10. コンシェルジュサービス